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Centralized your computer software needs, ACCESS savings and personalized help! With access to 100's of genuine branded software, this is your place to purchase software.

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Citrix Share File
Citrix Share File
SKU 00034
Citrix Share File
Share encrypted content and collaborate with your team securely!
All Features Included
DocuXplorer Document Management SaaS
DocuXplorer Document Management SaaS
SKU 00040
DocuXplorer Document Management SaaS
Manage, save and search on digital - Extract text even on handwritten
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Why Choose Us?

All work is supervised by the owners, leaving zero margin of errors by using innovative and highly secure equipment that delivers quality and accuracy. Working with a wide range of software Access Scanning offers expert integration and utilization of information management systems. Our proven solutions are designed to provide clients with high quality, efficiency and accuracy; ensuring customer satisfaction.

Amazing, professional and reasonably priced service. I did a lot of comparison shopping and had many discussions with other vendors before selecting this service. They exceeded my expectations.

Linda Cohen
Happy customer

About Us

Javier Rios

Store Owner

Our history

Who we are (Access Software Store)

In 2019 Javier Rios owner of Access Scanning (Parent Company) decided to start offering computer software and help clients overcome their digital challenges, that is why Access Scanning partnered up with multiple software manufactures and created Access Software Store to offer genuine software to anyone (Individuals, Commercial, Government, Academic). All software can be purchase at and which can be available for delivery within minutes or hours. Our prices can be lower than other stores or even manufacturers in many cases and the reason is, we get lower prices directly from manufacturers and transfer those savings to our customers.

Access Computer Software Store is able to re-sale 100s of software licenses. If you are looking for an specific software and it is not in our store, contact us and will be happy to find it for you. We are an authorized software re-seller. All software is genuine and shipped directly from the manufacturer/distributor. 

Access Scanning Document Services, LLC (the document scanning services company) 

It is the parent company of the store and was create by Javier Rios in 2009 hoping he could help the environment by digitizing paper that can be shred and reuse in the future. Right after, Javier filed for a DBA in Los Angeles county to give it legality and start building what Access Scanning is now, passing the years demand for scanning services increased, so the team grew (all family members). In 2016 Access Scanning became an LLC which means company has growth, delivering high quality services to its customers, this comes to say that Access Scanning will continue following its philosophy of helping the environment for good and hoping we all can have a cleaner planet. Access Scanning is part of The City of Los Angeles Green Business Program. In 2017 Access Scanning decided to start offering computer software and offer a wider range of digital solutions for their digital challenges, that is why Access Scanning partnered up with multiple software manufactures and created Access Software Store to offer genuine software to anyone.



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